IN CONVERSATION with Martine | The Orangery Retreat in Tursi, Basilicata

The Orangery is a collection of boutique luxury apartments set in the idyllic and unspoilt village of Tursi, Basilicata
The talented Martine Greslon welcomed us into her home where we photographed our timeless collection of fine cotton gauze pieces.
We stayed at the Bergamont 
The Bergamont is a beautifully restored apartment set within a 1000 year old building with views over the Covent of San Francesco. The shabby chic interiors reflect her fondness for treasures and trinkets that have been collected over a lifetime. It is a place that is peaceful and embraces a respect for things that Martine holds dear. We fell in love with the prettiness of the building's imperfections. It is truly an intimate and special place.
We photographed our collection at the Mandarin, thanks to our beautiful models in Tursi.
The Mandarin
Make your way past the arabic fountain, through the arabic archways & terrace and you have arrived at The Mandarin. The outside courtyard with no roof was the perfect backdrop for our photoshoot. 
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