Moses Basket + Creme Handles


The Moses Basket is the perfect sleeping space for the new arrival in every family. Made from all natural materials and woven by incredible artisan weavers, these Moses Baskets add a touch of style to any nursery or others space in your home. No two baskets are the same.

The set comes complete with:

  • a Mattress (High quality Foam)
  • a Moses Basket Padded Mattress Protector

The Moses Basket Liners can also be purchased separately.

Dimensions (approx): L: 77cm x W:42cm x H: 28cm (at highest part)

Easy to clean and reshape with water (except the leather parts).

Safe use: These baskets should only be used on a flat surface (floor) when a baby is inside. Never carry the baby in the basket, if you move from room to room, carry the basket and baby separately. To be used only by newborns, before they begin rolling or pushing themselves up (after that, use your basket as a beautiful storage for fresh linen, toys, magazines or whatever!) 



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